Prefab Homes Are The Future Of Housing Units

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“They took out of the ship beams of wood and dragged them to the ground. Then the Count (Earl) who brought them, (the beams) already pierced and planed, carved and trimmed, the pegs (raw-plugs/dowels) already trimmed and transported in barrels, erected a castle, had a moat dug around it and thus had constructed a big fortress during the night.”

If this way of creating homes has been around throughout the centuries, then the question is, will it stay for another few centuries? Let’s measure the pros and cons of prefab homes to make an informed decision regarding this.

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1. Energy Efficiency

Since everything is factory built, there is less waste in the form of construction materials. Now because materials are stored in the factory it also means leftovers are more likely to be kept and reused. Materials are also less likely to get stolen, vandalized, or damaged.

2. Time

Traditional houses take months, even years on building from scratch. Too much time and resources are required to complete a house. In this regard prefab homes require very little time and are created in one go.

3. Price

Moreover, there is always the point of costs. In times when the economy is struggling worldwide and multiple economic crisis seem inevitable, prefab homes are beyond affordable.


1. Extra Cost

Costing and time can be troublesome for some people as the cost begins with buying the land site where the prefab house needs to be set up. This means buying the perfect land with the addition of multiple permits, soil testing costs and unforgettable land inspections.

Final Takeaway

Conclusively if we analyze the data we have gathered so far, it is great to say that, prefab housing is the future of the housing industry and is here to stay if only one knows how to handle the construction according to one's budget.



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